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October Update

beer brewing machine

Hey Everyone,

I just realized it's been quite a while since I've written a blog update. Things have been progressing well here and I've been trying to get a bunch of projects done here at the brewery. Well first and foremost I guess is that after seven and a half weeks I've finally received approval from the county on the walls separating the brewery from the taproom and homebrew supply store. I'm hoping to start on that construction next week. It's been a long road to get that done including multiple meetings with the county, the fire marshal, and the architect, but I'm glad its finally behind us. There were definitely some compromises that had to be made, but I think it's still going to turn out well in the end.   

In other more exciting news, the Pilot system has arrived and it's been assembled and tested and I'm looking forward to doing a couple of test batches on it starting early next week! Its a very nice system that was delivered by Blichmann and the customer support and quality of equipment is excellent. 

Shipments of supplies and other equipment have been showing up almost daily recently. I currently have 5 pallets of homebrew supplies and wine/ cider making equipment here and can't wait to start getting it all set up on display so I will be able to start offering things for sale hopefully soon. To any of the homebrewers and winemakers reading this, if you have any special requests for things you would like to see me a stock that you use regularly please drop me a line or call the business and let me know. 

All of the accounts have been set up for the brewery at this point as well. Our point of sale system is here, our internet is under a contract which will be high-speed fiberoptic for all of the customers interested in coming in to grab a pint and do some work on their laptop or tablet. The grain, yeast, hops, and supply accounts have been set up and I'm excited to be working with all of these guys. I feel confident that the companies the brewery has chosen to work with all strongly reflect the same views on hard work and excellent customer service that we strive to provide here, so it's exciting to have such a strong support base behind us. I'll be highlighting some of these people individually in future blogs.

In other news, the state and federal paperwork have been filed and it's just a waiting game now. I have also been pouring through quotes on the large brewing system and will hopefully be announcing more on this in the very near future. 

I'll try to get more updates out soon and not leave everyone hanging as long until the next one, but its been a busy month or two and will probably start getting more hectic in the month or two to come. Things are progressing here and we are definitely moving forward in the right direction.